5 Important SEO tips for your Magento® Site

Magento is the sought-after eCommerce platform on the web. It offers a great level of flexibility to let you create SEO-friendly online store in no time. It has become one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. More than 20,000 online stores powered by Magento. If you looking for a fully-fledged CMS platform for your next eCommerce project, then Magento can be a great option for you.
You can easily set up an interactive and engaging online store over Magento. It offers intuitive and user-friendly visual customization option that can help you create search engine optimized website like a breeze. An SEO-optimized online store helps in improving the overall ranking and reputation of an online business, without a hitch.
However, there are lots of users, especially beginners who often make SEO mistakes for their Magento projects which in turn reduce their flow of web traffic and also affect their conversion rates. Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in determining the brand value and visibility of your site across the world. A well-driven SEO technique will not only improve traffic on your eCommerce site but also boost your sales and revenues. Thus, it becomes imperative for website owners to know why they need SEO for their website.
Let’s explore its importance:
(a) Most of us search for products over Google before making any online purchase. So we can say that Google search brings 3- 4 times more traffic than any other platforms on your online store.
(b) According to the behavioral study, over 75 % of web users do not scroll beyond the first page of Google.
(c) A reputed online store receives 40% of its customers via search engines rather than redirection via social websites.

Note: There is no shortcut that can instantly boost your ecommerce sales. For that, you need to understand the best SEO tips that let you generate more traffic and leads to your online store.

In this blog post, we will share some of the most effective SEO tips that will make your site visible on top of the search engine platforms which in turn increase the traffic on your site and also boost your eCommerce sales.

1. Effectively use CMS Pages

Effectively use CMS Pages

Although it is good to use CMS pages for displaying information about your organization, its goals, and policies, targeted keywords should not be ignored because they also play a crucial role in driving the traffic towards your online store. Therefore, it becomes necessary to add keyword rich pages, videos, product related questions, product tours and guides, high quality images and other important details in your Magento eCommerce website. You can also utilize the CMS for creating intriguing landing pages for your website promotion by targeting imperative keywords that can help you drive more web traffic.

2. Use of Products names and descriptions

If you research on the internet, you will notice that there are millions of online store owners who organize their catalog by adding an unlimited number of products. But do you think people will make a purchase just by see so many products in your catalog? For effective results, you need to customize your products name and descriptions as per what your visitors are looking for. After all, product names and descriptions let your visitors get additional information about the product. If your product doesn’t contain its name and description, customers might just leave your site without even viewing your product. You can even tweak your product name and description and add the searched keywords to make your product SEO friendly. This will make your product visible on the top of the search engine platforms such as Google.

3. Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Similar to product names and descriptions, product reviews also plays a crucial role in determining the traffic over your web store. Authentic reviews on your product written by web customers encourage new visitors to buy a product from your site. A positive or neutral reviews influence the mindset of web audience and this boosts the changes of leads and conversions on your eCommerce site. As the site owner, it is your prime responsibility to motivate your web customers to write authentic reviews about your products after making purchases as this will generate more traffic and also converts them into leads.

4. Add Fresh, unique and quality content on blog posts

According to the upgraded Google Algorithm, unique and quality blog can help you drive more leads towards your Magento store. With the use of Magento blog extensions, you can influence more visitors to browse your site and view your products. Rather than focusing only on writing and embedding product descriptions, it is necessary for you to establish a unique online reputation by writing more about your products and services on the latest topics, news, media, etc – which directly brings more traffic to your web store.

5. Write Impressive Meta titles and Meta descriptions

While people search for some or the other information on search engines like Google, it the meta title and meta description that comes firs in front of their eyes. So, try to write engaging and informative meta titles and descriptions for your online store. Note: Meta title should be between 50 to 60 characters while meta descriptions should be between 100 to 155 characters. Withdraw the keyword field from your Magento web store. Nowadays, keyword stuffing is considered as a black hat SEO technique. Therefore, it is better to remove the keyword field from your web store if you want to avoid Google penalization. It also helps in hiding your keyword tricks from your competitors.


That’s all. These are the five most effective SEO tips that will help in boosting the ranking of your Magento store quickly, without any hassle.

Written by Maggie

Maggie is a Magento Developer by profession and writer by hobby. She works for Markuphq Ltd., which is an expert in providing psd to magento services to global clients. Connect with her on Google+ and Twitter.

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