55 Must-Know SEO Tricks for Business Websites [Infographic]

With the increasing amount of business website, traffic and lead generation isn’t just important—it’s what keeps websites alive. So, how do you make sure your website survives in the Interweb and bring in traffic you need?

SEO is the Answer

SEO isn’t isn’t just meant for big brands. Small businesses can benefit from it. In fact, 61% of CMOs acknowledge that search engines are an effective marketing channel.
Prior to purchasing a product or visiting businesses, people tend to research online.

Google Your Way Up

With 81% desktop search traffic coming from Google, it’s obvious who the market leader is. Besides that, Google’s user base has grown to 2.2 billion a month as of 2018.
Google Analytics, a web analytics service, is a clear favorite of many. Big brands such as Airbnb, Domino’s and National Geographic are a few of Analytics’ successful clients. Thanks to Google Analytics, they were able to increase ROI, revenue and engagement. It’s no wonder there are around 30 million websites using this tool and why you should give it a try.
Google updates their algorithms often. They may seem insignificant but even a seemingly small change can make all the difference. For instance, when Google recently updated their algorithm, voice searches increased to 10%.

Enhancing Your Site’s SEO

You know Google is your best bet for increasing traffic and website analysis. So, what’s next?
Pay attention to your site’s page speed. Google announced pagespeed as a ranking factor for SERP. When visitors visit a website that takes more than 2 seconds to load, 40% will leave immediately.
Slow pagespeed doesn’t only cost you visitors but they can also cost you money. One second delays could cause online powerhouses such as Amazon $1.6 billion.

Mobile users are growing steadily and it’s predicted to reach 5 billion in 2019. With 94% of mobile/search traffic coming from Google alone, it doesn’t take a lot to figure out that mobile users love Google.

When coming across a site that isn’t optimized for mobile use, 46% of users won’t hesitate to leave.

Invest your time in content creation. Considered as one of the most difficult SEO tactics by 48% marketers, content is by far the most effective tactic for businesses looking to make a presence online.

Don’t be afraid of creating long content. In reality, content with over 1,000 words tends to appear on the first page result and receives more shares.

For more tips on SEO, check out this infographic below!

55 Must-Know Facts for Small-Business Websites SEO
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