Top 10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Website’s UX

Users are certainly the king in today’s changing website development landscape. It is the user experience that matters the most in case you wish to hold their attention over your website for longer. Right from the navigation to the content on the page and the aesthetics of the same, all these elements can do wonder to improve your website’s UX. Even a minute flaw in any of these elements could result in improved conversion to your competitors’ sites. This is absolutely not a good move for your business.

Things in website development are changing rapidly and it is obvious that rapid change in technology can make your website look outdated. Instead of considering redesigning, try including these proven way to improve your website’s UX.

Top 10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Website’s UX

1. White Space Usages

White space is an essential component of good design. It helps users to focus on the elements surrounding the text. A number of studies have claimed that white space around text increases users’ attention as much as 20%. It makes a content look fresh, and adds more open space to your website. It is more of a technique to utilize white space over your website. In case, you are trying to get a lot of content above the fold, having too much white space could hamper the user experience. The key is to find a perfect balance between both the elements.

2. Being Mobile Friendly

Going mobile friendly is the current trend today. The number of users browsing the internet through their mobile devices surpassed the number of desktop users for the very first time in 2014. And, from then onwards, the count is rising every single day. Thus, it is important to provide a unique experience to the users browsing websites through their smartphones, tablets, wearables and other such technique. Including the responsive element will help to utilize the technique successfully. As soon as the responsive technique is embedded, it must be cross-checked with the help of responsive design tool.


3. Attractive CTA buttons

Relevant CTAs have the potential to grab users’ attention and hold them for long. If you remain successful in holding your users for long, you are going to increase the conversions easily. Using attractive CTAs will help to attract the visitors for longer over the website and convert them to potential business clients. Additionally, it is important to have an engaging content over your call to actions that could easily appeal to the users to click them instantly.

Attractive CTA button

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4. Choose Images Wisely

Images make a huge difference in providing a superb user experience. We humans are visual creatures and thus crave more for looking out images. We easily make a connection with the images and that is why, it is important to choose images wisely. With images over a piece of content, you could introduce personalization in the content. Using content related images is in the trend nowadays. And, a fair strategy to improve the UX for the visitors.

5. Videos and Animation

Delighting your clients while they are browsing through your website will help you provide them a unique user experience. And, when it is about making your users’ extremely happy with the design of your website, videos and animation could do wonders. While animation could be used for displaying notification, videos will help to add additional effect on the web elements. You could also explain essential elements to the users with the help of videos.

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6. Page speed

Waiting for a page to load is one of the worst experiences for the users. With the rise of mobile devices, more and more people are accessing websites through their smartphones. People expect a fast result and thus slower speed of websites can kill their interest and in the worst case they might leave the website and never come back again. Slower website speed interrupts the interest of the users. And; thus, it is important to work on the page speed.

7. Easy Navigation

It is one of the most important points to consider while investing in website designing. Website navigation must remain extremely easy for the users. Any interruption in navigation could harm the user experience and ultimately the conversions you are striving to achieve. Visitors are impatient and they are not going to stay on your website if they have a hard time while browsing through your site. Thus, invest some time in designing the navigation in order to make it extremely easy for the users.

Easy Navigation

8. Valuable Dealings for Customers

Everyone likes free gifts and it certainly goes true for alluring the web audience also. Holding your clients with special offers such as free e-books, white papers, free subscription etc can hold customers’ interest for long. It is a proven strategy for gaining attention of potential clients also and this is ultimately going to improve the conversions also.

9. Well-Designed Headlines

Making use of well-designed headlines is a way to engage users over any website. Using headlines is a chance to target the audiences with the preferred keywords. Well-designed headline not only engages the users over a piece of content but also provides visibility to the websites in case the keywords has been rightly used. Your headlines will guide the users to the content. Additionally, it will also helps users to read the piece of content that appeals to them after reading the headline.

10. Let users share your content

It is one of the best ways to increase the count of visitors over websites along with providing them a superb user experience. The trick is to promote your business on social circles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other such networks. And, to accomplish the services, include social sharing button over your blog post. In case, your users find a piece of content an informative one and wish to share it, they could easily do the same if social sharing facility is available over the blog post.


An improved website UX has always remained one among the deciding factors for the success of your website. Your website is your business face over the internet and a 24*7 sales person for you. Thus, it is important that it is designed exceptionally well in order to improve the users’ experience. Considering the points that have been listed above will help to provide a superb website navigation experience to the users.

Written by Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has gained much experience while working as a web developer at Sparx IT Solutions. He is also associated with finding new information on increasing the social media techniques with the users. He also shares his researched work through engaging posts.


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