Guiding Ways To Include When Working For Client Sites With WordPress

WordPress has always remained an excellent content management system and thus, considered ideal to use for client sites. Developers get a series of advantages when working with this exceptional platform. There is a flexibility and freedom of performing development tasks when working with WordPress.

Users, who are familiar with WordPress, are accustomed to doing things in a certain way. Clients’ experience, on the other hand, will differ completely and thus, it gets more of a responsibility for the developers to provide an outstanding experience to the users when interacting with WordPress websites. WordPress is free and open-source and offers freedom of controlling the website. In order to make this experience more delightful for the clients, here are the exceptional ways to consider.

1. Introduce the clients with advantageous built-in WordPress capabilities

WordPress includes all the elements that are important to improve the user experience. The platform has everything that makes it a full-fledged CMS. Introduced as a blogging platform, the platform has now got all the dynamic elements to be an exceptional content management system. The possibility of self-website controlling offers a number of advantages to the users to use the system as per their requirements. Users can control the admin panel, dashboard and the addition of functions and features over their WordPress websites, and this is something that makes WordPress an exceptional one to use.

2. Instant WordPress updates

WordPress keeps on updating its current features and thus, clients must be kept informed about the same. Updates are released frequently either for increasing the security or adding new features to the exceptional WordPress platform. Upgrades are easy to implement and in case your clients are not able to bring the innovative functionality themselves, you need to help them in upgrading their websites with new updates. Working with WordPress in not very much technical; thus, even a non-technical WordPress user can easily get the hang of working with this outstanding content management system.

3. Minimizing plugin usages

One of the most exceptional things about WordPress is that it offers an opportunity to use a number of plugins for varied purposes. Plugins are just exceptional; however, the unused ones may put an extra load on the website that additionally slows down the website’s speed. Thus, it is important to clean up the mess of unused plugins and delete them continually as soon as they are not in use. In addition to this, minimizing the plugin is suggested as it will help in using only those plugins which are important to use.

4. Investing in purchasing premium themes

In case you do a lot of client work, investing in a premium theme is a good idea. A number of premium themes offer developer’s license that is priced two or three times higher than a single license. Thus, investing in this purchase could help to let your clients still pay for the cost of a single license if you have the developer’s license with you. Many premium themes can be added with new functionality directly from the dashboard editing and thus, it is more of an opportunity to get the desired functions with the chosen premium WordPress theme.

5. Making use of child theme for customizing features

It is easier to bring customization in child themes rather than updating the premium versions or starting the job from the scratch. Child themes offer the possibility of editing the theme while keeping the upgrade process a simpler one. Editing child theme needs to edit the CSS codes only in order to modify the themes. Editing child theme adds innovative features to the website that elevates the websites’ status. Child theme allows users to bring in modification without going deep into technicalities. A little WordPress knowledge can help in doing the job successfully.

6. Using page templates

Templates decide the look of different pages. The options allow users to lock down certain design elements that may be altered by the clients. Locking down the designing element thus ensures that that desired page remains over the page. Thus, by keeping this particular element, nothing important can be deleted by the users. It is thus recommended to use page templates when dealing with WordPress website development.


Above illustrated points make it easy to deal with WordPress when working over clients’ websites. In addition to keeping an eye on the development process, the developers need to focus on the suggestions that have been written here and make their clients understand the importance of the same. Working with WordPress is extremely easy, it is all in the development procedure that results in outstanding website development. While working on clients’ projects, try to include innovative ideas so that the development procedure can be taken to the new level altogether.

Written by Williams Heilmann

Wiilliams Heilmann has been working with the best PSD to WordPress service providing comanay PSDtoWordPressExpert for quite a few years and has remained accustomed with the practices of working with WordPress. He has also remained involved in concluding clients’ projects sincerely and sharing the innovative insights to the users with engaging write-ups.