Top UI & UX Tools For Web Designers

With advancement in technology, website and applications are getting more complex. Despite all these changes, the ultimate factor influencing the popularity and proximity of a website among the audience is its usability. The more it is accessible to the users, the more will be its reach among the audience.
Most of the times, when developers create websites, they primarily focus on the features, functionality and layout leaving behind the major factor of user experience. Evidently, if a user finds it hard to get the desired solutions from a site, s/he will definitely look for some other options. And this is where the popularity of a website is judged and influenced in terms of user experience.
Developing the desired user interface (UI) and enhancing user experience (UX) is now much more easier than ever before. All credit goes to the tools and other resources designed to simplify the task of web development. These tools are available online and are capable of proffering the results they are actually made for.
Thoroughly researching about the leading UX and UI tools, we have compiled a list of the most powerful ones out there in the market. All you need to do is go through the list and choose the one that best suits your business requisites.

List of Popular UX & UI Tools Helpful For Web Designers

1. Pidoco


This is one of the popular and most usable UX and UI tools that is speculated to confer all features needed by a professional designer. For an instance, it offers prototyping, wireframes, template testing, etc. Pidoco introduces all new set of features that allow people to comment and edit in real-time exactly like how we do in Google docs. Various other options like issue tracking, add versioning, along with export systems to ease prototyping. Its enterprise version lets you use prototypes on wikis directly and some project management systems. This exemplary tool comfortably runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.


proto is recognized as one of the popularly used UX and UI tools that come with comprehensive prototyping features. It comes with all the key features that an effectual UX and UI tool must comprehend. The major factor contributing to its popularity amongst users is that it allows swift and easy prototyping.

3. InVision


InVision confirms all essential features that an innovative UX and UI tool should have. This remarkable tool stands out amongst the others by proffering extensive prototyping and real-time collaboration. It is being used by almost 800,000 UI designers so far and it expected to become the most sought-after UX and UI tool in the coming years. Moreover, it covers the whole process of designing right from the interface to reviewing, testing and tracking multiple projects. Uber, Airbnb, Twitter, Evernote and other major companies utilize InVision to test their ideas easily with no or less coding.

4. Notism


Notism smoothly runs as an app that allows sharing of designs, artwork, videos, prototypes and, in return, get feedback from other designers and clients. Offering real-time collaboration, this ecstatic UX and UI tool can efficiently transform static screens into dynamically interactive prototypes for both web and mobile-based applications. The standout feature of this tool is that it proffers video collaboration feature that helps you interact and communicate while working in a team.

5. Vonn mobile material design UI kit


Vonn mobile design UI kit has significantly improved the process of app development as being fast and simplified, in compliance with the guidelines of Google’s material design. 100 unique templates defined in different 9 categories are a part of this active tool that renders efficient capability to create amazing apps with fine animations. This robust material design inspired UI kit features complies with the key components of Google’s material designing that works in favor of novice designers looking for some options to create distinct Android mobile apps.

6. Firefly


Firefly is an utmost UX design management tool that helps you keep track on your project, mostly at the times when you are busy in rapid prototyping processes. This tool allows you to upload application designs, photographs, banners, UI ideas along with entire webpage for reviewing. Moreover, you can easily manage multiple versions of designs using the version control feature of this tool.
The information on Firefly can be accessed through any browser that makes it widely popular during team projects.

7. AppCooker


AppCooker is an amazing prototyping tool that helps in developing incredible iOS apps that smoothly runs on your iPad. Not just this, it proffers you specified space that helps in organizing ideas. This tool lets you access the Apple UIWidgets, text, shapes, images, wireframing kit, links, etc. Once you have created the prototype of your app, you can easily preview and share it with your team using cloud services like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.

8. Loop11


Searching for a quick and efficient prototypes testing tool? Well, your search ends at Loop11. This impressive tool provides an efficient UX testing to get the relevant data needed to check and fix the errors in a design. Large scale testing was considered tiring at first but with the help of Loop11, you can easily conduct tests with more than 900 participants in a team.

9. Lucidchart


Lucidchart is a designing and real-time collaboration tool that can be used to draw flowcharts and diagrams along with creating wireframes and mockups. This simple-to-use tool comprises features that are highly significant and useful in influencing the UX and UI of an application. The keyboard shortcuts and home page features that come with this tool are the perfect time-saver. Moreover, it prevents the time required to create new wheel for a new wireframe as it confers reusable design functionality


Being an aspiring businessman, if you haven’t yet chosen the right tools and resources influencing the UI and UX of your website, then it’s the high time to do so. Or else you would find yourself stuck in a situation that would be time-consuming and unfruitful. We believe this list would have given you the plentiful solutions to decide which one to try next.

Written by David Meyer

David Meyer is associated with CSSChopper as an experienced web developer who holds a profound experience in web design and development realm.The company with which he is associated is popularly known for offering flexible options to hire Web developer as per the business requisites across the globe