Update: Magento Frontend/Backend Modules Updated

On Request of my readers, I have uploaded the working examples of Magento frontend and backend modules. Also the previous tutorials of module creation have been modified to resolve problems.

Download links:

Download Magento Module

Download Magento Backend Module

Now you can watch the upgraded modules on:

Written by Arvind Bhardwaj

Arvind is a Magento and WordPress expert with more than 6 years of industry wide experience.

Website: http://www.webspeaks.in/

15 thoughts on “Update: Magento Frontend/Backend Modules Updated

  1. Hi,
    I am able to create a module in backend and i want to show that same module in frontend and insert data to database from frontend.Please help me.


  2. Thank you for sharing This knowledge.Excellently written article, if only all bloggers offered the same level of content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up!

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  4. what is the bug in the previous version of your module can you explain,because when we downloaded your module at first it was not disaplayed in the frontend ,in the updated module we able to do it.can u explain it

  5. hello dear,
    i am using your back end custom module. it’s working fine in magento 1.7 but it’s not working in magento 1.7.2 backend form not displaying nothing error but i fail to insert record from backend coze there is no any form displaying for inserting data please help me.

    it’s working well in 1.7.
    thanks advance
    Sugan choudhary

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