Mobile Frameworks

10 Awesome Mobile Frameworks for App Development

The ever-increasing usage of mobile applications has motivated developers to build more powerful and highly robust applications. Today, none of the sectors have been untouched by the rapidly expanding popularity of mobile applications. Whether its the banking sector, GPS or factory automation; mobile applications are being rapidly used everywhere. Through this post, I’ll be introducing you to 5 of the most commonly used mobile frameworks which have been recommended by leading app developers across the globe.

Node.js on Heroku

Deploying Node.js app on Heroku

Heroku provides free cloud platform for hosting node.js apps. But deploying node.js app on Heroku is bit tricky and needs some insight. This article will tell you the simple steps to deploy your node.js app on Heroku cloud platform. You will come to know how to host static pages on Heroku. It will also tell you some troubleshooting tips to check your node.js application.

Angular animations

A Comprehensive Guide To Animating ng-view in AngularJS

AngularJS is one of the most sophisticated web app framework that delivers superlative single-page applications. It is commonly known as Angular and possesses a client-side MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that augments the development and testing of single-page applications. It, thus, facilitates developers to create an impressive look and feel like that of a native mobile app.
In fact, if you want to make your app appear more native, you can also integrate animations and transitions by implementing the ngAnimate module in Angular.